Hair Loss Causes

There are many types of hair loss that have been identified, but some causes are still not fully understood. We worked with our medical team to create a comprehensive list of the most common causes.
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Over and under active thyroid can affect many systems in the body. Hair cells in particular are vulnerable.



Hormonal changes from childbirth and some fertility-stimulating drugs can lead to hair thinning.



Smoking reduces circulation, negatively impacts the liver and can even clog pores around the scalp.

Tips From The Pros

  • Hair Styles

    Be careful with braids, ponytails and other hair styles that pull on your hair.

  • Nutrition

    Identify and correct any dietary deficiencies including protein, vitamins and minerals.

  • Chemicals

    Avoid chemical processing like bleaching and chemical straightening.

  • Drying Hair

    Limit use and try to dry hair naturally when possible. High heat causes damage to hair that can be hard to reverse.

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