The Salon Experience with Your New Freedom Wig

June 5th, 2017         Written by Staff Members of Hair Loss in Women

This video will show you the Freedom Wig salon experience from start to finish so you know exactly what to expect and how to prepare for this wonderful and life changing day.

Choosing a Wig Stylist

It is important to choose a stylist and a salon you are comfortable with, and your independent agent will have recommendations for you to consider.  Take time thinking about the style you would like to achieve.  Browse through magazines or online photos to help articulate exactly what you are looking for.  You may choose to wear your new Freedom piece to or you may wear a different piece; it is up to you.  It can be helpful to reference your current piece if it helps to further explain what you’d like to accomplish.


Preparing Your Wig to be Styled

Here I’m adjusting the metal stays inward to form a “C” shape to help the ear tabs lay flush against the narrowest part of your scalp.  This helps ensure the best vacuum fit possible.  You will not be asked to take your piece off in public at the salon, but most folks will change pieces in a back private room and many times your Freedom agent will be there with you to assist in fitting questions.  Some folks enjoy spraying a little water inside the cap to help with the initial fit.  This is not required.  Some prefer this while other prefer a dry interior cap.  It is very important to check for symmetry at the forehead, normally four fingers, and the space above each ear before your stylist does any trimming.  I tend to leave my current piece out to reference during the cut and color.  But this is not required and you need only do this if you are comfortable.


Shampooing, Conditioning & Highlighting

Many folks choose to highlight or low light their Freedom piece.  This is completely optional.  If you desire this look the stylist should use gentle products to avoid over processing.  You will keep your freedom piece on during the entire salon visit.  You will never be asked to take it off.  You will enjoy the experience of shampoo and conditioning with the piece on.  This creates a fantastic sense of normalcy and it is a good test to feel water on the piece and the suction that is maintained.  Check your symmetry after the shampoo to ensure that all is still symmetrical.  Usually after, the vacuum or suction is even more engaged.


Wet and Dry Cut Wig Tips

My stylist likes to do the bulk of the cutting while still damp but will then dry for detailed work.  Baby hairs or wispy hairs are critical in helping achieve the most natural look possible.  Almost everyone chooses to create this effect around the temple and ear areas to create a sideburn look.  It is important to keep these hairs longer so they lay nice and flat against your scalp and face.  These small effects add to the incredibly natural and realistic appearance of your freedom piece.  Now that the hair is dry you are able to see the multicolored dimension to highlight we added, and you are able to more clearly see highlights do not continue down the root.  This creates a very natural appearance.  If you plan to wear your hair up in a pony tail or up-do, the stylist will also cut baby hairs at your nape if requested.  Some folks choose a very small amount while others like a lot.  Best to start out conservative – You may always add more or cut shorter down the road.


The End Result In Your Wig

The end result is the combination of your hard work and the hard work of your independent agent and your stylist all helping you achieve the look you desire to help you feel like you again.


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