Tips For Thicker & Fuller Looking Hair

May 18th, 2017          Written by a Staff Member of Hair Loss in Women

Tips for thinning hair

For most women, thinning hair or balding is extremely stressful. Full and healthy hair can be associated with being feminine, young, healthy, and attractive. A 2004 Rogaine survey of more than 500 women showed that 24% of women felt that losing their hair was the same as losing a limb.

Losing your hair is tough on so many levels. It’s a reminder that you’re aging, and if it happens when you’re younger, this is especially difficult. You may experience jealousy of everyone that has a full head of hair. You may not have not noticed everyone’s hair before you started losing your hair, but now it’s the first thing that you look at.

It is often difficult because you don’t have as much freedom styling your hair. Certain hairstyles may show your widening part, or you may have to wear your hair shorter now.

Besides affecting your personal life, you might feel that hair loss affects your career as well. If you’re a teacher, or someone who deals with a lot of people, you might feel that people are noticing your hair, which is a distraction, and hurts your confidence.

And many women with thinning hair suffer in silence. Not that it isn’t difficult for men, but there’s a perception that women don’t lose their hair unless they are going through chemotherapy.  Some health professionals may even be dismissive and lack compassion for your problem. It’s commonly understood to be a male problem.

These are some of the reasons why women with thinning hair suffer higher levels of depression, anxiety, and have lower self-esteem.

Taking Steps Towards Making Your Hair Look Healthier and Fuller

You may be looking at options for regrowing your hair such as laser light therapy, minoxidil, or a hair transplant.  These can be great options, but will take some time before you see noticeable results. In the mean time, there are a lot of things you can do today to make the hair that you have healthier, stronger, and look fuller.

Everyone assumes that they know how to wash their hair and care for it, but you may be inadvertently causing your hair to have less volume, look less healthy, and damaging the hair that you do have! Check out this article on how to wash, shampoo, and condition your hair.

Additionally, there are many products that can add volume to your hair, and reduce the look of thinning. Many of these products aren’t expensive, and you’ll immediately notice a difference.

Also check out our tips on how to color and style thinning hair for more volume to reduce the visibility of your scalp, give the illusion of depth, and even increase your hair’s volume. You’ll definitely want to talk to a hair stylist (or two) about how to style your hair for your situation, but getting educated first will give you a head start.

There’s a lot of great information on the internet. However, there’s also a lot of bad information (especially when you’re being sold something!) It’s hard to know what’s helpful, and what’s not. You can also find experts in women’s hair care giving contradictory advice!

The good thing about these tips for thinning hair is that you can experiment. Everyone’s situation is different, and ultimately your road to healthier and fuller hair will probably be different than others. Do your own research and talk to your hair stylist. Your hair stylist may be able to advise about what you can do to get thicker and fuller looking hair.


Do you have any tips that you recommend for making hair look thicker and fuller? Share by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Thanks for your nice and informative article. Yeah, I admit that we all have the habit of thinking that we know how to take care of our hair. But in the reality, we don’t know or we make it in a wrong way. So thanks again to advice some nice post that could be really helpful.

  2. Finding the root cause of hair loss can be complicated. It can be either uncurbed stress or hormonal imbalance, or depression etc. Only a seasoned trichologist can diagnose the individual cases of hair loss. Various medications are there. By eating more protein, and upping the vitamins, you can stop thinning hair. Conditioning of hair has to be carried out at regular intervals. Laser phototherapy is another proven technique to improve hair structure and growth. As deficiency in iron level causes hair loss, you have to increase your iron.

  3. Thanks for addressing the factors which affect hair health.
    Applying different types of chemical-based products on the hair could trigger rapid hair loss. So, a person should be very cautious while purchasing such products. Applying natural remedies are more effective against hair thinning. So, a person should do some research on the internet to learn more in this regard.

  4. I had no idea that the way you shampoo your hair, and the product you use could effect thinning hair. I have noticed that within the last few months, my hair doesn’t feel as full and vibrant as it use to. I will have to take a look at my shampooing regiment and see if there is something that needs to be changed.

  5. I am glad you pointed out that there are good options for hair regrowth such as laser light therapy, or a hair transplant, but that they take time in order to see results. My husband has been having some difficulty with hair loss and I think it is taking a toll on his self-confidence. I think he should look into getting a hair restoration treatment to help him look as good as he did the day we got married.

  6. Due to old age, my mother had been showing signs of hair thinning and it’s been bothering her ever since. It’s great that you discussed the reasons why women with this situation experience higher levels of depression and anxiety, and I agree that she feels conscious whenever people are noticing her hair. It’s also great that you mentioned options we can have for regrowing her hair aside from using good shampoo and conditioner. I think we might opt for non-surgical hair replacement and see how it affects her.

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