Products For Women With Thinning Hair

September 19th, 2018         Written by a Staff Member of Hair Loss in Women

Products for womens hair loss

There are several hair products you can use that will help reduce the look of thinning hair. Compared to the more intensive treatment options (such as laser therapy), these products are relatively inexpensive, and you’ll often see results quickly.

You may need to try a few different products to get the results that you’re looking for, but it could be worth a little trial and error. You can also read online reviews of hair products, just be careful about fake reviews. One way to find more authentic reviews is to look for reviews on that are labeled “verified purchase.”

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Use Shampoos and Volumizing Products

First of all, no shampoo will regrow hair from a dead hair follicle. A good shampoo can add volume to your hair, and DHT blocker shampoos can prevent further damage to your follicles.

All shampoos will clean your hair of sebum (a natural oil produced by your body to waterproof your hair and skin), dirt, and other pollutants. But you get what you pay for. Cheaper shampoos can strip the hair of its lipid layer.

Look for volumizing shampoos, especially ones with added protein (or keratin, which is the key structural protein that makes up your hair). One drawback is that these shampoos often don’t have many conditioners in them, so your hair may end up looking dull. To get shinier hair, try switching between a shampoo that moisturizes and one that volumizes. Also, avoid products that have a lot of moisture, which will weigh your hair down, reducing the look of fuller hair. Shampoos with conditioners combined often have too much moisture.

Texturizing and mineral sprays are great to give the hair texture which adds the look of volume. Be careful about how much you use, as a little goes a long way. Too much can begin to weigh down the hair.

A new trend to extend the time in between washes is to use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo absorbs the oil on your hair to get rid of the shiny look. If you do choose to use dry shampoo, be careful to only use a little and lightly dust at the root and work it in with your head upside down. Adding product to your hair adds weight to it, which then reduces volume.

Since your hair is unique, you may have to try many different products to see which works best for your hair. Be patient with each time you try a new product as it may take a few times to see the real result.

You can ask friends and your hair stylist for recommendations, but you won’t know for sure until you try their recommendations.

Conditioners For Thinning Hair

Use conditioners with silicone, such as dimethicone or Cyclomethicone. These will create fuller looking hair. Other ingredients that may help thicken and strengthen your hair without making it heavy are panthenol, biotin, caffeine, and amino acids.

Use Mousses, Pomades, or Sprays; Avoid Gels and Creams

Mousses and sprays add texture but don’t weigh your hair down. Mousses are good for thin hair. You only need to put it at the roots, not on the ends of your hair and apply it when your hair is damp.

Lightweight pomades applied to the ends of your hair, not the roots, can be good as well. Experiment with thickening pomade to increase your hair’s volume.

Gels and creams will weigh your hair down, which will make any thinning that you have more visible.

Don’t Use Maximum Hold Hairsprays

It will make your hair inflexible, so when you brush your hair, the hair shaft breaks. Use a flexible hold hairspray instead.

Hair Loss Concealer and Scalp Powder

Scalp powder (or fill in powder) can help conceal thinning hair. Choose a color that matches your hair color, and sprinkle the powder onto your scalp, reducing the appearance of thinning hair. Hair loss concealer attaches to your hair to increase its volume. If you have bald spots, this isn’t a good option for you as there’s no hair for the concealer to attach to.

Is there any women’s hair products that you would recommend for adding volume? Please share below in the comments section.

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